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Wall Mart Introduces Straight Talk Cell Phone Plans

Are you worried about your ever increasing cell phone bills? Unable to find a plan that minimizes the cost? Then you might be interested to know about  no contract straight talk cell phone plans introduced by America’s most favorite Walmart.

Beginning this Sunday you would be able to purchase Walmart’s cell phone plans  nationwide from its more than 3200  outlets. The Giant retailer is confident of giving a stiff competition to other local service providers.

The new Walmart plans are supposedly aimed at lowering down the prices. It was announced by the company that its $30 monthly plan comes with a lot of goodies. It includes 1000 texts, 1000 minutes apart from 30 MB Web access, coverage nationwide and no extra charges for 411 calls. Doesn’t that sound very pleasing to ears? It is also beleived that these plans are designed in such a wayt that it saves consumers about $500 per year.

The other $45 plan would provide the customers with unlimited minutes, texts and web access along with nation wide coverage and 411 calls (no extra charge).However one thing that remains unknown is the speed of mobile web access.

Cheap cell phone plans have been dreams of many Americans.

Now lets have to wait and watch if Walmart’s plans fulfill our expectations.

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31 Responses to “Wall Mart Introduces Straight Talk Cell Phone Plans”

  1. Alex says:

    I use this Straight Talk plan and it is amazing. The sound quality is just so great due to the fact that it is carried on the Verizon network. All of this and such a cheap price.

  2. Ann says:

    What about roaming charges?

  3. Pat Yoe says:

    I have Straight Talk. I previously had Verizon then switched to AT&T but the bills were CRAZY!.

    When I heard about Straight Talk I couldn’t believe it but got it from Walmart and have had it now for 2 months and it is just sick! I’d heard that it was on Verizon and the coverage is rock steady, so yeah!

    No roaming charges. No extra charges at all.

    • anastasia miller says:

      thats great see i am trying to see what phone i want my parents to get me. So i am reserching what phone is best for me and cheap. THANKS FOR HELPING ME WITH MY DESSITION
      anastasia the twelve year old reasercher

      • Claire says:

        Anastasia, perhaps if you spent more time hitting the books instead of calling your little friends your spelling and grammar would improve!

        • jessi says:

          Wow, way to pick on a 12 year old girl Claire…I think it’s nice that you’re researching to try and find the best deal Anastasia. You can get unlimited internet, texting (except premium texting unless you call to change it I believe), and calls for $45 a month at a time without a contract; since you’re 12 you wouldn’t be able to sign a contract unless you were on a plan with your parents. You can also get a $30 card but I don’t remember how much usage you get with that. I would recommend getting the $45 personally, because if you run out of minutes with the $30 card you have to pay to “refill” your account for the rest of the month. StraightTalk lets you do that once a year for free. Hope you like your new phone! :)

  4. Elena says:

    I got a StraightTalk razor phone as a Chrismas present and love it! My calls never gets dropped and I no longer have to worry about minutes since it’s unlmited and for $45 it’s totally affordable! Highly recommend :)

  5. Brian Ackley says:

    I was using nextell when they “had a problem with an AT&T tower”. No coverage within 10 miles of home for about two months. Then we find out that there was no problem with the tower, they just didnt pay their access charge!!! So I went to straight talk, considering I had 600 minutes, just so many texts and paid almost $70 bucks a month??? Screw them, I have been very happy with my ST razor and have had no problems at all.

  6. MickeyMouse says:

    I couldn’t be any happier with my Straight Talk plan – it is absolutely fabulous. I use the unlimited texts/calls plan for only $45! Plus it is on the Verizon network so I get awesome coverage. I am so impressed with Walmart for finally selling this exclusively nationwide… the world needs good deals like this!

  7. CindyH says:

    I just love the Straight Talk plans! It used to be that cheap meant you got inferior service but Straight Talk turned that philosophy on it’s head. Both the $30 and the $45 unlimited plans are fantastic value for money.
    I’ve tried them all (Metro, Boost, Virgin etc) and let me tell you, none of them compare very well with Straight Talk. Most are more expensive and the ones that can claim roughly the same price are all small regional carriers with very limited coverage.
    Straight Talk uses the Verizon network which is without a doubt still the best. So you get true nationwide coverage at an incredible price. Watch out for those ‘unlimited’ plans from smaller carriers – roaming charges will make you weep as soon as you leave your hometown.
    This is the service to watch out for – it’s already very popular (with good reason) and now they are extending their phone selection we will hopefully see more good things to come…

  8. BigBird says:

    Straight Talk is the best prepaid plan around HANDS DOWN! You can’t beat having great coverage on the Verizon network, saving over $500 a year, and sold for a low price at Walmart where it’s exclusive NATIONWIDE! More people need to learn of this wonderful plan, it is worth every penny. Just give it a try :)

  9. Shunta says:

    Brian where did you buy your phone? Because walmart sucks!!! They never have a straight talk phone in the one’s by my house.

  10. Lisa Morrison says:

    i am looking to buy a straight talk cell and looking for a used one

  11. speros says:


  12. Nadia says:

    How do I check how many texts I have left with the $30 1000 text 1000 minute plan?

  13. Adrian says:

    help i accidently pressed the code entry mode button and now i dnt have any service. im mad.

  14. Adrian says:

    i have a straight talk lg290

  15. Roxeanne says:

    I pressed the code entry mode on my ST phone! What can I do to fix this?!

  16. Debbie says:

    Do they charge tax on top of the 30 or 40???

  17. candace says:

    omg i pressed code entry mode and i really need an unlock code

  18. H. Brown says:

    I would like to know what types of phones are available with the
    $30 and $45 plans.

    Please reply!

    • LEEROY says:

      all phones are available with both plans. doesnt matter the phone, you can have either plan with any phone.

  19. Rick M says:

    I have to say i have waited for a plan AND service for many years.
    WAY worth the 45 monthly unlimited plan – and YES, you can’t beat the coverage for being so inexpensive…. also no hidden cost so far.
    i am VERY pleased and will recomend this service to everyone.

  20. air_z says:

    straight talk has been a nice surprise after all the negative reviews about their customer service. I’ve been on hold longer waiting for help at Verizon than at ST. Asked them to turn off that message that tells you how much time you have left, but the message would still be there on the next call. The third time I called, I finally talked to someone who told me to turn the phone off and the message should be gone on all calls afterwards. It worked!

    Other than that it’s been great. When I make a call and get put on hold, I never worry about going over my limit anymore. I don’t worry about texting too much anymore. I used to have to pay an extra $5 for only 250 messages at Vz, now my limit it 1000? Couldn’t reach that if I tried. I’ve had web capable phones, but this is the first time I’ve actually used it since it’s included with the ST plan. I even love my new phone.

    All these years paying $45+ for 450 mins and 250 text msgs, and those charges whenever i went over. What was I thinking?

  21. Wayne says:

    my service ran out who do I contact

    • LEEROY says:

      just buy a service card from walmart. or, go online and order one. or, go to their website and put in a credit card. you can sign up for auto-refill too, which is where you automatically get your phone refilled every month.

  22. Brainiac Jr says:

    A little advice to make things better with Straight Talk if you ever ave a problem… never call their phone support. Use their Facebbok page, Here’s how. Like the page then go to the Support tab and fill out a support request. You’ll get help pretty quickly. It’s really nice and they know their stuff!

  23. Helen Munoz says:

    I have been checking it out i am tired of all the taxes ,on Verizon.
    My family plan for 2 cost $95.00 a month For 700 shared minutes ,unlimited text..But its hard my Family has all been on verizon so its free mobile to mobile ..Straight Talk Is not free to Verizon /T mobile /Or AT&T /Its only powered by them ..I would be a minute eater

  24. Wishupona says:

    So what’s with the rumor that straight talk are getting the new nano iPhone? Anybody know? Cause that would be the best thing since oven baked dough. Imagine being able to choose between both the GSm and the CDMA networks, with an iPhone, for only $45 a month!!

  25. Jeff layton says:

    I have the samsung droid and loved it up till I went out of town and lost signal and couldnt get anything. I found out its with sprint and that dont have coverage worth a crap. Thay failed to tell me that when I got the phone, I would like a differant phone if this is going to stay with sprint……..
    Its 45$ a month and my old phone could use 30$ month and get coverage in the same area so I may go back if thay will trade phones



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